We happily accept wholesale orders from anywhere around the world, making our products easily accessible is definitely a big part of our mission, zero waste should be easy and transparent!
We also offer the option to do personalised soaps and/or labels for private events, we provide this option only for wholesale orders and for non-retail purposes.
In case you would like personalised soaps please give us about 5 weeks of notice in order to allow us to process your order. Please note that by personalised soaps we intend soaps with personalised stamps. You can choose any of our soap and shampoo bars but, unfortunately, we cannot use different recipes.
In case, instead, you would like personalised labels, note that these will also require a small surcharge and a notice of about 7 calendar days to allow us to process and ship the order.
If you're interested in placing a wholesale order please send us an email at
and we will happily send you our presentation file containing information about our company, products, wholesale prices and suggested retail prices!
Minimum for wholesale orders:
20 products with at least 5 products per type